The voice for Non Resident Bangladeshis:
ITV (International Television) is a Bangla Language live television channel in Asia Pacific, North America and Europe that provides content that is news, informative, educational, socially responsible, entertaining and comparable with world class television broadcasters. It is Bangla language 24×7 live television channel to produce original content here in the Asia Pacific, North America and Europe.
Vision We Carry:
ITV (International Television) is the voice for Non Resident Bangladeshis living across the globe as well as people whose mother tongue is Bangla. It highlights the issues of concern and the cultural richness of its people through information, discussion and entertainment, ITV (International Television) maintains transparency and responsibility that ascertain its positive as the most credible and meaningful source of information, through quality programming basic on issues.
ITV (International Television) provides entertainment that, audiences can relate to, thereby creating viewer loyalty and response, ITV (International Television) creates an alliance amongst its three stake holder’s viewers, advertisers and shareholders to maximize viewer’s ownership. It has invested in human resources as it recognizes it to be the foundation upon which the ITV (International Television) future will be built. It is this very foundation that will allow ITV (International Television) to attain and sustain a leadership position, thus fulfilling the promise associated with its creation, henceforth, ITV (International Television) will be handed over to the next generation to get carried away in the future decades to come.
Mission we are heading:
ITV (International Television) goal is to cover NRB (Non Resident Bangladeshis) around the world. ITV (International Television) informs and entertains while celebrating cultures and prompting dialogue in the spirit of live and let live.

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